Hello. My name's Ben.
I'm a developer.


ninja skills

What are you up to, Ben?

I'm currently working on some really cool chatbot tech at To Play For. You can follow our work on Twitter!



Knights is the first C++ game I've developed. It's an RPG where you play a knight in shining armour, attempting to fend off the waves of creepy crawlies lurking in the different dimensions.

Travel through the lands via portals, picking up food and a sword, until you've got rid of them all.

Sound easy? Download it below and see for yourself!

Procedural Planet Generator

For my second-year project, I teamed up to create a procedural planet generator, speeding up the content creation process for artists on space games. I worked on the rendering aspects, creating the application in Java with an OpenGL library.

Source Code

Unreal Engine Fluid Simulation

For my dissertation, I am currently implementing a real-time fluid simulation within Unreal Engine, making use of compute shaders and ray-marching techniques to simulate and render a fluid.

The simulation itself takes place via a number of shaders acting on 3D textures, before accumulating density information in the final pixel shader to compute the correct colour.

Source Code

Girton Ball Website

As part of Girton's biennual Spring Ball Committee, I designed and implemented the landing page to our Mayan-themed 2016 Ball, as well as being responsible for a PHP-based and MySQL-backed ticketing system for upwards of 2000 guests.

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